Labor Day Weekend 2014. Bolton Landing, New York. This is my favorite time of the year when all the flowers are in bloom, fresh colors, and the sun is shining.  Now that spring has arrived, I’ve been thinking of new ideas for blankets, baby blankets, and home décor items.  For the last month, I’ve been working on handmade crochet items.  I’ve just wrapped up a new baby girl blanket that has spring colors of an Easter egg that was just dipped into dye and crocheted into something beautiful.  This handmade blanket is made with pink baby yarn, green baby yarn, and Lily Sugar n’ Cream yarn that has a mixture of white, purple, green, and blue colors.  Stripes is what makes a fashion statement with this lovely baby girl blanket.  Every blanket I create is folded into a square and has a complimentary polymer clay tag that goes with the blanket.  Whether it’s baby, throw, bedspread, this is a free gift from me to you.  This free gift can be used as a Christmas ornament or a window hanging.


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