Happy Birthday Rosemary

Happy Birthday Rosemary and many more to come.

Rosemary and Lauren hope that our fans, readers, family, and friends had a safe and happy new year.  We’re keeping warm during this bitter cold winter and coming up with new ideas for work as well as our new business studio. Stay warm and be happy this winter.

Bittersweet Day, Moving With The Next Chapter

Today was a bittersweet day for both Rosemary D’Alberto Prock & Lauren Prock of Sow’s Ear Studio. We’ve said our final goodbyes and we’re officially out of 1597 Union Street. With the final move and unpacking at our new studio at home, we’re gonna do a huge mailing after the first of the year. Stay tuned as our new online business comes alive at our home. Rosemary D’Alberto Prock will still be doing painted furniture, accessories, and Lauren Prock will be doing crochet items for the home. It was a sad goodbye today, but we’re looking forward to the next chapter of our business as well as the next chapter of our lives.

Hello And Happy Holidays 2017


Dear Friends:
Sorry Sow’s Ear Studio and I haven’t posted in a while, but we’re almost at the end of moving 1597 Union Street to 867 Warner Road. It’s been a long hall with the move and 20+ years of wonderful memories at a wonderful location. Now it’s time to make new memories with our online business back home. For the month of November, the Prock family had two wonderful Thanksgivings. First Thanksgiving was celebrated with the D’alberto family at Galway Lake, New York. Uncle Larry cooked the most wonderful meal and I brought mashed sweet potatoes and mashed cauliflower with spinach. The original Thanksgiving day was celebrated back home in Niskayuna and Mazzone Hospitality prepared our meal. A perfect meal for 10 people, we had lots of leftovers and enough for a few days. After Thanksgiving, it was time to get back to packing and cleaning up what we…

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Dear Artists Of Sow’s Ear Studio


Dear Artists Of Sow’s Ear Studio,

Just to let you know, we’re almost getting to the end of August for moving our business back home in our home studio in Niskayuna.  With being here for almost 20 years, this is a bittersweet move for us because of all the memories and people we’ve met.

We need help from our artists to have them come and get their items.  I’m asking artists nicely to call Rosemary to have your handmade items picked up because she’s still painting some furniture for some clients, and I’m moving out as many items as I can.  Please give Rosemary a call to have your items picked up from the shop. We’re here Tuesday-Friday 10:00a.m.-5p.m. Saturday 10:00a.m.-4p.m.

Rosemary and would like to out by the end of August and back home to continue to make art for our online studio.  Cards will be mailed to your home to let you know when we’re ready to have custom made furniture and crochet items made.  Rosemary’s Etsy Shop will be open at the end of September 2017, stay tuned.

Make Me A Part Of Your Home 

Friends and fan  Of Sow’s Ear Studio, we’re getting closer to the end of July for our Moving Sale. Grab a nice piece of painted furniture from Rosemary for your home. Painted furniture is 50% off. Stop by and check it out. All of Lauren’s polymer clay and crochet items have been discounted as well. Get while the getting is good.  Before we pack up our business and move back home. This lovely entertainment center is just an example of what we have for sale. Make me a part of your home 🏡 today, I’m 50% off. I measure up to 72×34. Keep your television and dvd’s organized in your family room today.

New Friend On The Front Porch, At The Shop


After stopping at Gershon’s Deli this morning to get a breakfast wrap, I was walking up the front porch of the shop a baby bird flew through the window and landed in the porch box.  The bird seemed a little stunned, but managed to stand up and stood up.  I looked to make sure it was okay and the bird didn’t seem to be afraid of me.  I was lucky I had my phone on my and I took some pictures of the bird in the porch box.

I was more curious, so the stroked the bird on the top of the head.  The bird seemed comfortable, so I stroked the bird on it’s head, back, and picked up the bird.  Placed the bird on my finger, and the bird felt comfortable enough to stay.  I grabbed more pictures of this lovely, wild, creature and decided to blog about it.  Now the…

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Moving Our Business Back Home To Niskayuna, New York

Dear Facebook friends and fans,
Life is full of passages, and today we are announcing one of our own. After almost twenty years on Upper Union Street, Sow’ s Ear Studio is relocating the business to our home office.  It’s been a wonderful run, but this move is best for us.  
We will close officially at the end of July. In the meantime, we are having a moving sale, lots of great deals to be had. We will be here for Strawberry Fest on June 17th and during our regular shop hours as we prepare for the move. 
I will still be accepting orders for re -painting your furniture, and will continue to do so even as we transition to our new digs.
We hope you’ll stop by while we are still here to chat and check out our moving sale.
Thanks to all our supporters. Hope to see you soon!
Rosemary and Lauren
With us moving our business to our home studio, we’re having a MOVING SALE.  All of Rosemary’s painted items are discounted up to 50% off, Lauren’s crochet and polymer clay items have been discounted, all other artists items remain at the same price.  This is due to the fact that we have to pay our artists.  Stop by STRAWBERRY FEST 2017 for Upper Union Street’s street wide event and our BIG MOVING SALE.