Upper Union Street

Mourning A Fellow Merchant And Friend On Upper Union Street 

Rosemary and Lauren’s favorite place to eat lunch and dinner is Gershon’s Deli, which is kiddy corner across the street from the shop.  We were sad to find out that the owner of the deli (Antonio Lauria) and a dear friend passed away on Friday September 9th, 2016.  We will miss his smile and presence when we stop over to get lunch and bring it back over the shop.  Early Saturday afternoon purple ribbons were tied from the beginning of the street to the end of the street to mourn the loss of a good man and dear friend. As shop owners we love creating handmade items but feel that life is important as well.  We love to post about what we’re doing, going, and seeing. See more posts of the Sow’s Ear Studio family and what we’ve been doing.


Fifteen Years Later 

Even after fifteen, the photos, videotapes, and news coverage, 9-11-01 still makes me feel sad and discusted. In spite of the fact that in a fifteen year time frame, one twin tower has been rebuilt and a ground zero memorial has been built, it’s still heartbreaking. Sow’s Ear Studio and Where’s The Yarn’s thoughts and prayers go to the victims of 9-11.

Sow's Ear Studio

Hello September 

It seems like an eternity I last posted. For summer 2016, it’s been fun with the changes we’ve been making at the shop, working on new products, and making Sow’s Ear Studio feel more like a shop/workspace.

Just to let everyone know, we’ll be CLOSED Saturday September 3rd, Sunday September 4th, and Monday September 5th for Labor Day.

Rosemary and I have also been working on getting Sow’s Ear Studio’s etsy shop open.  Make a purchase online if you don’t live in the area or you’re not able to stop in.  Rosemary will be starting off with some painted glasses, accessories, picture frames, and so on.  We’re working on a way to ship painted furniture in the United States and outside the country.  Stay tuned for more great things to come.

~Rosemary and Lauren