Summer Blooms 2015 At Home: Firework Flowers

Dear Friends of Sow’s Ear Studio,
Just to let you know, we’ve been having a great summer and haven’t had much time to post and share what’s been going on since Strawberry Fest 2015.  Here’s what’s been going on for the month of July. Summer’s been flying by so fast, it seems like summer is almost coming to an end with the end of July.  Rosemary and I having been enjoying every bit of summer before winter comes.  I started a photo of the day on for a way to show beautiful and positive things, as well as sharing parts of life besides being an artist. See the amazing wash cloths I’ve been working on for Sow’s Ear Studio, as well as my etsy shop.  Rosemary’s been swamped with work, which is why we haven’t been posting on Sow’s Ear Studio’s website.  Rosemary has been making great progress with her recovery, but is still not able to climb a ladder.  Bring in your unpainted pieces of furniture for Rosemary to work on and as soon as she’s able to work outside the shop again, I’ll let you know.  In the meantime, see some beautiful blooms of our garden at home, as well as what’s going on with Where’s The Yarn?
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For Spring And Summer

For Spring And SummerWith spring here, summer approaching, and Rosemary not able to work outside the shop, these lovely black and white glasses were painted by her awhile ago.  This is an example of what you can have done for your home or a gift.  If you have glasses to bring in, that’s great. If you need Rosemary to get some glasses for you, that’s alright to. Let Rosemary know what you’d like to have painted on your glasses and she’ll come up with some that suits your taste or a friend’s taste. If you have a wedding to attend, Rosemary will wrap these specially for the wedding.  Rosemary is currently at home recovering and will be working on new painted glasses for both Sow’s Ear Studio and Sow’s Ear Studio’s Etsy Shop soon. Lauren is making the changes so that Rosemary can have her own etsy shop.