Sow's Ear Studio

What’s New?

Just to let everyone know, Sow’s Ear Studio is undergoing an enormous transformation both inside and outside.  With several health issues, Rosemary has decided to put the ladder away for good and focus on painted furniture, accessories, and collaboration with her daughter/partner, Lauren.  So Rosemary says, “if you have furniture that needs to be painted, then bring it in”.

Little by little during the week, Rosemary and Lauren will be cleaning the downstairs of the shop and making it a more work friendly atmosphere. We will be putting our handmade products in the front of the shop and upstairs.  Our back room and green room is where we’re going to work on new product and placing our products on our Etsy shops.

Lauren is also transforming Where’s The Yarn to a bohemian handmade shop.  She loves the old fashioned look, colors, and the bohemian look.  See these exciting transformations come alive with a few posts on Sow’s Ear Studio.