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Hello Spring

After moving out of the shop and still unpacking from our move, Sow’s Ear Studio hasn’t had much time to say “hello”. With Spring here and watching television and still unpacking this is one of my favorite Sherwin Paints commercials. Simply click on the button and enjoy this lovely safari commercial. When we’re all done with unpacking, we’ll let you know.

Youtube Videos

Inspired By Annie Sloan: Annie Sloan, inventor of Chalk Paint® decorative paint, at her Oxford shop

Inspired by Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, proud user of this wonderful paint, inspired by Annie Sloan’s shop in Oxford.  Rosemary started to work with this paint in 2013 and has loved it ever since.  As an artist, you always look for inspiration, new paints on the market, and new paint products.  Rosemary is now working with this paint and will be showing you new items with her chalk paint techniques soon.  In the meantime, be inspired with Annie Sloan’s shop in Oxford and see her in action.