Dear Friends

Dear Friends:

Just to let everyone know that I’ve decided to pursue my dream and start a recipe blog for Sow’s Ear Studio.  It has come to my attention that I love cooking, restaurants, and writing.  The one and only problem with restaurants is food license and the amount of time that it takes to run a restaurant.

So instead of opening my own restaurant, I decided to cook at home and write about what I cook at home.  See the amazing recipes that I will write about, recipes, and show tips and tricks for easier cooking.  I will also show some great restaurants that my family and I hang out as well.

Rosemary and Lauren of Sow’s Ear Studio wishes every mother and grandmother out in the world a Happy Mother’s Day.  May your mother’s day be filled with love, family, memories, and much more.  For those who are no longer here to celebrate Mother’s Day, god bless.

Have A Safe And Happy Weekend Everybody,
Rosemary And Lauren Prock


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