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Beach Inspirational Color Palette

Find your inspirational beach color with this beach inspiration pin on Pinterest.  Today’s paint palette inspiration is beach front colors for beach house, waterfront homes, and summer colors.  Paint colors have been matched to furniture, décor, and other parts of the home. If you’ve purchased a new beach front home, then this pin and website are for you.  Stop by this website and see more great things.  Pin came from Better Homes And Gardens Magazine featured on  Today’s Pinterest paint palette is moved to today because tomorrow I’ll be working on projects for Sow’s Ear Studio.  Another important announcement, Sow’s Ear Studio’s Etsy Shop will be opening by the end of the summer, stay tuned.

Sow's Ear Studio

New Glass Art

It all started with bringing in some cards for a home show one day and the rest is history.  Read more about our glass artist Cheryl Gutmaker below. One of our top selling artists Cheryl Gutmaker decided it was time to switch out the old and bring in the new, glass art that is.  Cheryl is our fused glass artist and her pieces are a great part of the shop.  Cheryl sells everything from bowls, coasters, trays, and much more.  Bring a great gift to a wedding, bridal shower, gift, or treat yourself to something beautiful and functional.  Cheryl brought in blue glass with speckled pieces in the center, red glass, as well as teal and yellow glass.  Make one of these glass pieces a part of your home or someone you know.

Summer Blooms 2015 At Home: Firework Flowers

Dear Friends of Sow’s Ear Studio,
Just to let you know, we’ve been having a great summer and haven’t had much time to post and share what’s been going on since Strawberry Fest 2015.  Here’s what’s been going on for the month of July. Summer’s been flying by so fast, it seems like summer is almost coming to an end with the end of July.  Rosemary and I having been enjoying every bit of summer before winter comes.  I started a photo of the day on for a way to show beautiful and positive things, as well as sharing parts of life besides being an artist. See the amazing wash cloths I’ve been working on for Sow’s Ear Studio, as well as my etsy shop.  Rosemary’s been swamped with work, which is why we haven’t been posting on Sow’s Ear Studio’s website.  Rosemary has been making great progress with her recovery, but is still not able to climb a ladder.  Bring in your unpainted pieces of furniture for Rosemary to work on and as soon as she’s able to work outside the shop again, I’ll let you know.  In the meantime, see some beautiful blooms of our garden at home, as well as what’s going on with Where’s The Yarn?