D'Alberto Fest

Good Times

Saturday October 17th, 2015, Sow’s Ear Studio closed the shop for a day to spend time with Rosemary’s side of the family.  For decades, the D’Alberto family has a  Christmas party.  As times have changed, people move on and it was hard to get together for the holidays.  A member of the family suggested to have this family gathering during October.  Well, not only most of the family came together, but we had great food, laughs, and good times.  I’m amazed at the fact that most of the family has never had a deep fried turkey before.  This turkey came out moist and delicious, and it was the most fun day ever. See more great family memories from Sow’s Ear Studio and Where’s The Yarn?
Sow's Ear Studio

Harvest Fest 2015

With some fall decorations, a great crowd outside, some near and dear friends, and a little bit of cold outside, Harvest Fest 2015 was a fun and exciting day. With some people coming in and visiting, admiring the handmade items, Rosemary getting lots of compliments on her painted furniture, and me getting lots of compliments on my fiber arts items, it’s been one great day. Rosemary and I are working on some great holiday shopping items.  Items include scarves, shawls, fingerless gloves, nutcrackers. Rosemary will also be opening up her etsy shop soon.  Stay tuned as more great things unfold at Sow’s Ear Studio.