Waiting For Some Color And Warm Weather

cb644-10660290_10153955475448696_9137487710070796511_nHello friends.Welcome to my new blog on blogger.  I’ve been going back and fourth deciding whether I should have a blog of my own, or write on my shop blog, Mixed Media Musings At Sow’s Ear Studio.  Well, I’ve decided to do both.  I decided to make this blog about things that I do besides being a crochet and polymer clay artist and talk about things that I find interesting and want to share.  All my crocheted items and creations will be shared on Mixed Media Musings At Sow’s Ear Studio.  This is what I like to call my fun blog.  See where my family and I travel, recipes, and all the things that I love in my life and want to write about.This is what I call my life blog.  No art, no business, just fun.  I’m also going to share some family photos and events that I attend to.  Please, have fun reading about my life and stop by my etsy shop, http://laurenprock.biz for fun and exciting items for living, wearing, and sharing.  With the nasty winter we had, I can’t wait to see some color, flowers, and birds chirping in the morning.
I’ve noticed in the last few years that we’ve had some horrible winters.  To the point where I don’t even want to go outside and do anything.  Life has been good since I decided to do my crocheting full time instead of jewelry, but I just want some warm weather and color.  This photograph was taken in September 2012 when my family and I went to Bolton Landing, New York and then we decided to have an early dinner at The Log Jam Restaurant in Lake George, New York.  While we we’re waiting for the restaurant to open for dinner, we stopped by some places around to window shop and next to the restaurant were these gorgous hydrangeas.  So I decided to take a quick picture of them before we went inside to eat.

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